Saturday, September 5, 2009

Black Daria's Friday Night Videos (on Saturday): Mario's Co-dependency Anthem

I can't front, I love this song...but seriously, isn't this shit the anthem for co-dependent relationships?

Black Daria *wink*

P.S. HUSTLERS yell Gucci, but they'll probably never be able to buy it for you, let alone own a a car to drive you'll always be driving.

There's always an excuse... let's see here:

1. She (obviously crack is one of her many problems that some blogs have touched upon) was going to go shoot a film scene, and get a burger and a few bucks.

2. He's not a pimp, he's a HUSTLER. He HUSTLES. *wink*

3. A long time ago, I once read where a music executive said he doesn't hustle, because it gets you nowhere.

Other notable mentions:

4. Names of crackheads that have been through the hood include Ike Turner (RIP) Robert Downey Jr., A Pointer Sister (cause I was about to say do not talk about Auntie Patty), etc.

I'll leave with this. You don't have to necessarily be a crackhead who's unfortunately bi-polar to be in a situation like this, and you also can choose to believe what you wish. A HUSTLER will always be a HUSTLER.

Black Daria

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bitchasses at work: The 3rd (right?) Maia Campbell video...

Now while this didn't happen to me, DON'T let this happen to's quite bitchass of these dudes (and I think I heard a female other than Maia at one point). And there are some female bitchasses out there...we will get to that soon...

By the way, she, at one time, was a rising starlet.


Black Daria ;/

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About a bitchass...

I've neglected a topic far too long...I've tried to protect those who I thought may be innocent, but today I learned that there's just no protecting a bitchass.

Here is my story.

We met over 8 years ago...according to him, he remembers the first time we met, and he instantly knew he was smitten with me. Of course, I didn't notice...a huge problem at the time was he had a girlfriend, and that wasn't the territory I played I stayed away, and our paths crossed again a few years later...but this time, I decided things were different. I didn't want a boyfriend, so his "situation" (his words) at that time didn't matter to me. READ: I DECIDED.

So despite a few shortcomings (OK to laugh, I do now as I look back), I believed him. Everything. He was supposedly leaving his girl and two children had an "expiration date." Those were the words he used to describe the "situation." Said he got "caught up" and didn't think she was the one, but doesn't want to leave her with the kids. I was ready to start my business, and his help turned into love...and then it officially got ugly.

It started with the night before the time, I thought he was really into me, not realizing I was an escape from his problems. After another all nighter in my car, I got to Queens, with the lovely smell of cooking in the air, but was too tired to help, as I'd been up all night. Wasn't asleep even 10 minutes when I get a text from him...apparently he "slipped", left his phone open, and she read my last text to him.

Next came an email from her. I wasn't nervous, but I knew it wasn't good...all it said was "I am so happy to hear you are in love with him, you can have him!!" This was followed by a phone call to my mother the next day (yes, the babies' mother called MY mom), to inform her that I was fucking the father of her children...yes, she called MY mom in case you missed times. By the way, we were all well over the ages of 21.

So what did I do next? What every stupid girl who thinks someone loves them does...kept believing what HE said. READ: WHAT HE SAID.

After another year of this, I knew things were probably not going to change, but I admit, I was pretty lost. I did a lot of things to fill the time, made some more mistakes, and eventually left the situation. It was no good for anyone involved.

But then he called again. I'd been in another relationship and I had certainly changed.

Unfortunately he hadn't.

I think it was in some of the pages I made it through in Steve Harvey's book (people were beginning to think I was anorexic because I barfed after each chapter, so I didn't read the whole thing) where he talked about what men do when they cheat, and he said they will drop the person's name to you and act as if things are friendly.

When the incident Steve described happened this past May, even I couldn't have written the next chapter of this book.

Enter Facebook. Fucking Facebook. If I didn't have it, then my other friend and I probably wouldn't be speaking today. I don't always read my notes because I get inundated with over a million, but here comes a note, and it's contents were not expected.

The name was dropped again, but this time, they were now in a relationship. She thought it had been the reason I didn't reach out to her in a few months. I instantly remembered the email he'd just sent last week where he emailed her picture in one of his famous blasts. What I didn't know last week is she thought she was in a relationship too, and had started to tell her friends, including our mutual friend. She decided to tell both of us, because she thought we should know the truth.

Funny, because we had a sex date planned the day after her "guest bartending" event, which was what the email was in regards to when it was sent. She probably doesn't know that, but she will know now. Even more interesting was I met this young woman a month before he did, as she was interested in having someone represent her...her first comment was "I can't fuck with dudes in this business, they are always trying to fuck me," and other catch phrases.

I just didn't think it would be...him.

It was a surprise when I got that email with the same girl he was "just friends" with, because I thought, that can't be the same girl. The bitchass dude even lied to me and said it wasn't her before I learned he was fucking the "rising starlet", but as soon as I went back to my email to read her bullshit bio, I knew it was her, which prompted me to call him to ask him if there was something he wanted to tell me. No response, so I then asked him flat out "Are you fucking her?" to which he replied a sad ass "Yes, we have..." followed by, "But it's not like that."

Is it ever "like that?"

Many women today usually believe when they are fucking a man, they are in a relationship, so that must have been where she was in the whole "situation" I presume. I used to make that mistake until I learned what the difference was, so when we started dealing with each other again, I knew our meetings were sex dates. I'd almost feel sorry for her if I hadn't met this whore; but to add insult to injury, the friend who told me about this new relationship had warned this "starlet," who couldn't even get a secondary role on Harlem Heights (I remembered that detail from one of my phone conversations with her), about this dude...the ones she tried to avoid in her "career."

Did I, Black Daria, ever think I was in a relationship at this point or any? No, and I know why.

I actually thought this time around, being an honest friend would help, but I realized just from that one note I got on Facebook that people will be who they are...and in this case, this man-child is a straight bitchass. READ: MAN-CHILD. Plus, he's still involved with the baby's mother, so really, how could I ever think this guy was my boyfriend, let alone think I was in a relationship.

I have my wrongs...I could have used some more self-esteem, stuck to my guns on dealing with men who haven't quite ended another relationship...but this time, I tried to actually be a friend just now ends up where we will never be friends again.

People may say I was wrong for dealing with a man with children, but after the age of 25, the chances of meeting a man without children are slim. However, I learned that being alone is far better than being with someone who has NO ONE's interest at heart except their own.

Trust me, I'm just as much of a fool, and I know this...I just thought out of a lot of girls out there, it wouldn't actually be one who approached me for business help to go and fuck a dude I knew and worked with at one time...let alone the bitchass knew I had been talking to her about work, but still fucked her with no regard for my feelings. There's a lot more to the story, but I think this is enough for now.

I have to remember the mistakes I made, but I wanted to take a minute to tell some folks about some things I've realized:

1. Usually, when your friend tells you a guy is a dog or "man-whore", it's usually true. You should probably listen. I didn't.

2. You should never fuck your clients. I can proudly say I've never fucked a client, but I've definitely mixed business with pleasure...however, I don't advise it.

3. When you meet a bitchass who is living with the mother of his children (wonder if the starlet knew that he still lived with her and his two children, oops), keep in mind that these men can be very creative. At the present moment, the "expiration date" turned into "we just make a show for HER friends, but we know we aren't a couple." I knew it was bullshit, but I also knew what we had was NOT a relationship. I guess that's what I would say too when I know I don't even have $50 to get a room of my own, let alone an apartment, because I am a lame ass who lives off of other women's finances.

4. If you always find yourself coming out of pocket, especially when he needs paypal money sent to him so he can probably get a bottle of Hennessy when he gets out of jail, he's probably not that into you.

5. My very good male friend told me a long time ago, "BD, if he's living with his baby's mother, they definitely still fuck." Always remember this if you ever deal with a man who lives with the mother of his children; if he tells you otherwise, he's a liar.

I assume this is what happens when you fall for the wrong one.

I am proud I got to my own gossip first. I think this shit is certainly deeper than Amber Rose's breasts. To all the ladies who think that you can't do better, know that you can do a lot better than a 34 year-old promoter who thinks being a man-whore is everything, and worth more than his own family. If he'd treat his baby mother with no respect, then it's likely he will never respect you, especially when he has no respect for himself.

I'm done...onto the next chapter. As of today, I say goodbye to this bitchass, knowing that although I may not be a pretty model, I am me, and someone will see that it's more than enough for Chuck Bass (new season of Gossip Girl starts 9/14) is back in town...Black Daria has some options.

Black Daria ;/

P.S. Please feel free to forward this to all baby mothers and rising starlets. Thanks.