Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Appendix A: Black Daria Case Study on Beyonce

I'm not really sure where this goes. All I know is when I saw it, I wondered if someone had been inside my head or something...LOL.

Guess I will call it Appendix A to the Black Daria Case Study on Beyonce.


Courtesy of MTO, via genus101 on Youtube

You already know how I feel about this one right? Remember, I told you who I loved a long time ago. Since I'm beat, I figured this should hopefully suffice, as you forgive me as I try to keep my job in this recession while staying relevant. Tough business.

Black Daria

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday night at Shrine: A Date with Harlem

I'd been wanting to check out TreZure the Empress for a while, but it was a conversation with a good friend that solidified the deal for my "Date with Harlem" at Shrine this past Sunday...not known for the best sound system, but I couldn't pass up the artists on the show list.

A teacher? Really? After her performance she says outside, "Yes, I specifically teach music of the African Diaspora." I was sold on teacher, but the African Diaspora part was a cool add to a list of accomplishments.

Photo: TreZure and the band, taken by Black Daria

TreZure delivers to a crowd. Kicking off her set with a couple of what appear to be "crowd favorites," (watching audience response is a good thing) she's certainly takes you on a journey with her lyrical abilities, touching the end of her set with a sexy Afro-Cuban vibe...keywords in her set were love, and her red dress, color-popping make-up job and white shoes reminded me of what maybe Billie Holiday or Dinah Washington would look like if they were performing today...reincarnated voice reminds me of many ancestors...I was sold. Check out some of her "TreZures" here.

The host was Crash of the "Pop Champagne" video...I assume the association was Harlem. That's all I should probably say about her, to be nice today...but one comment from a crowd member was "She's weird." Eh...whatever. I guess she's a pretty girl, so that helps things. And if it were a music video, and she had the pink wig she referred to, maybe one of the white people there would have known that, otherwise it was pretty irrelevant. As a black girl, I kinda just felt like I would have left that out, and mentioned it to those who asked "What videos?" off stage.

I ran into Charles of Hustlemode later who told me I was on the list, but I wasn't tripping as Black Daria believes in supporting events, as opposed to free rides when it comes to shows to feed artists specifically, to be clear. Otherwise, I love a good sponsored party or album release with an oper bar just like the next guy.

I'll also refrain from where things went after that and in between...not even the distracting event support handling the run of show could interrupt what I heard, although I felt the hectic energy at points, and even stepped out for a few cigarettes on their behalf. Yes, smoking is bad for your health, and I am quitting on May 15, 2009. Next. Somehow, I always end up saying the shit I didn't want to say...oh well.

The good news is Peter Hadar saves the day...and not by outshining TreZure, but by just being Peter. Knowing him from his humble beginnings, I was impressed with how far he's come. I got to chat with him briefly about his experience at SXSW recently, which he just ready for labels to recognize his talents...wish someone would...he was the perfect ending to chaotic interludes. I've featured him on all of my Black Daria Files radio shows...check out more of Peter here. He helped to make me not so mad about the show, or stimulating the bar with dollars to pass the time due to...damn it, there I go again...note to self, nobody is perfect. These two artists were certainly the highlights.

Here's a slice of what you missed...he requested the lights be low for this you'll have to just listen to what we were hearing and seeing amongst the blue hue...


A tout a l' to check out another party...back onto my Beyonce case study soon...If you didn't hear already, Obssesed sold $28.5 million. Good job Bey, but I am still not really impressed. I'll tell you why on Entry 2 of my case study, which requires me to go and actually watch the movie.
Black Daria

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black Daria Case Study...on Beyonce: Entry #1

Sitting here catching up on my favorites, I couldn't help but notice a commercial, and it caught the corner of my eye, because I realized that this could not be...nope, it's not...



So, I say to myself out loud, "Really? Same girl who said Twitter? She reserves that to her sister, she doesn't know about all of that twitter mess. OK, not like that, but if you scroll down to Monday, April 20 on RWS this is what she said.

So that was Tuesday, and I kept it moving, you know me, couple of facebook status updates...and they brought me to a revelation: Black Daria should do a case study on Beyonce.

Think about it...Emporio Armani one day, then Loreal...list goes on...this woman is very serious. Bitches (yes, one of yous) are mad about this...but you know, so far, I've thought of the strategy of the reversal of Beyonce (I mean, let's face it, we are facing a slippery slope with some of our Black entertainers right now I'd list names but that's not the point here). watching the back up episode of Real Housewives of NYC; I wasn't really paying attention to (so tired from work) so I was doing some work when surprise: Beyonce, but now with...Daniel, son of Solange (hey, I kinda like that).

Back on Youtube and what do you know...there's this interesting clip...all about how they came up with this commercial:


Points on this one:

1:00 - She's trying to get the rhythm on the game, but she can't swing it, so in comes someone to try to help her but hey, I would probably need help on this kiddie contraption...gosh TWO screens? She already doesn't like Twitter.

At 2:30, she goes into signing campaign mode on a bunch of Nintendo DS's which I assume will end up on some exec's desk at Nintendo, as some assistant opens the box, wishing they could give something like that to their kid...not in NYC, of course. You know not one kid would survive in NYC with Bey's signature...what kid wouldn't brag about it, then get jumped 2.5 secs later?

2:45: Enter cute kid, Juelz...awww. He is cute :)

5:55: Liked doing the gig because she liked not having to "think too much." She said that, you ask yourself what context that was supposed to be taken.

"Time out," I said under my breath"...who's doing the PR for this...and is it about the game?" Beyonce and her relationship with her nephew...feels I am sure she does spend time with him...but the words feel contrived...she had to remember to say the word "stylus" and seemed proud when she did remember the word.

Answers revealed at the end of the video if you watched the whole thing. You go do your own Googling on the company name that appears on the end...oh, maybe those two dudes will even send you one of those Nintendo DS systems she signed.

Up next: Beyonce at the movies...yeah, maybe I will catch Obsession this weekend.

Black Daria

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Daria Photo Journal: Jadakiss @ Highline Ballroom, April 8, 2009

OK, OK...I know it was last week and all, but hey, I am a busy let's just get to it, shall we?

I got a last minute email I couldn't refuse regarding a Photo Pass event at Highline Ballroom for Jadakiss, except there were a couple of issues, like whether I would be allowed as PRESS or not...well, Tasha Stoute of The Chamber Group came through for me, and granted me "one photo press pass" to go see one of my favorite rappers...thanks T. :)

Much to my chagrin, I'd been listening to Jadakiss earlier that day on Power 105.1 (my routine since Hot 97 went left by syndicating Big Boy's neighborhood to NYC...losers.) so getting this email seemed like some place I wanted to be...

He impressed me not only with his retail marketing expertise, but the basic rules of what it means to "hold 'em, fold 'em, turn around and when to run"...more importantly, he understands that WOMEN actually buy rap albums, other Gay Fishes (HA!) out there tend to forget that but that's another blog post.

Damn, sorry...tangent.

So the album is called The Last Kiss (first choice was Kiss My Ass, but that's not really Walmart/Kmart friendly, per Jada). Smart guy. Why there? Well remember, brick and mortar record stores are going buh-bye...weekly.

***Editors Note: Since the album was released, The Last Kiss over 134K units per


There were a couple of issues prior...had a meeting that kept "starting in 15 minutes," and turned into an hour later...which then put me an hour behind and forced me to do some magic tricks to get back uptown, change into sneakers, and find my Nikon S60 (I love my camera; hopefully someone from Nikon is reading this right now...) to get back to my office (forgot my Precious Priceless, also known as my iPhone) and then hop in a cab to get to the Highline ballroom. That was a severe run-on sentence, but it gives you the feeling of what I was going through, so deal.

So at 9:00 PM exactly, I reach the corner of 16th street and 9th avenue, and run towards the doors...normally I am with talent, and getting in an event is a breeze (well depending if your client is an A-lister or Z-lister, but that's another story). Because I was getting there kinda late, I had to deal with the lemons I were dealt...and I am going as the writer...different hat to wear.

First problem: No VIP passes left...not their fault, as I would not have needed to worry about that if I had cancelled the meeting earlier that evening, but it was too late for I always have a few magic tricks, and I pulled them to not only get in faster, but get the passes I was supposed to get, which kinda pissed this girl next to me off, but hey, not my fault you weren't being aggressive.

Well, somebody else was impressed, because he just started talking to me and it turned out he'd heard of my blog...I didn't think anyone except the 12 followers knew, as I haven't formally announced myself to the world, but I guess some editor knew about me because it was his editor that mentioned his blog to me...damn, Black Daria, it's like that?

Too bad I couldn't hear the name of the magazine he worked for or the name of the editor...but now we are Facebook friends, so I'll see what he's about soon...let the photo journal begin:

Walk in and run to the bar to grab a beer, not realizing if I wait 5 minutes, the young lady with the VIP bands would suddenly find more to distribute...oh well, I supported financially.

Bump into Terrance Jennings, he's one of my favorites in the photo world...

Get up to VIP, and it's a Mob scene with at least 100 up my first shot (Black Daria can't hire any photographers right now...) is a little shaky...

Well, it was my fault I got there when I did...and when I arrived, I also noticed the banners for and Hot I knew I was in for a good show because this is basically a true fan base, which gives a show a whole different energy than a "press only event." But, yeah, that's Jadakiss in the white t-shirt. I'm wayyyyy in the back of the VIP, but my Nikon S60 just zooms right on in...artistic shots, I call these...He's doing it up at this point, and it feels like a concert from back in '95 that you snuck into...dope like that.

Jada got a lot of support from special guests like Swizz Beats, Busta Rhymes along with Hot 97's own Angie Martinez as one of the hosts (think there were maybe two, but she's the one I remember). Jadakiss really hit me in my heart with the line about the Coogi sweater still hanging up in his closet...

The crowd was THICK in hence the first artistic shot. This one is cool too because the Exit light looks dope-like in the corner to the top right (I like to critique my own shit sometimes; you can talk amongst yourselves or dial-back with a comment).

Kinda climbed over someone (I really was not playing) and got this shot...

Remembering my good ol' Nikon is also a video recorder...I had to get at least one song, so here ya go, very raw, uncut and REAL (be gentle now, I couldn't hire a videographer for the evening, there's a recession going on):

And then I see..."Battery Exhausted." The Nikon is done for the night, and so am now.

Black Daria

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wanna get your co-worker fired? Apply now...

So just when you thought things were a mess, it gets better...

FOX, the network chock-full of geniuses, decided it would be great if, at a time when many don't know when their house will be foreclosed on, or if they will indeed have the extra money ($.50 to be exact) to get to the next job interview, comes a great reality TV show that really decides to sink Americans just a bit lower...because we simply can't come up with better programming. And, why not make money off one's sorrows and pain.

Introducing, Someone's Gotta Go, where each week, a company of 15-20 dipshits will compete against each other, ultimately deciding the fate of one of their co-workers...oh yes, because in these hard times, we need to remind people of the day they were told something like "your 'services' are no longer needed, or whatever bullshit excuse companies come up with to ensure procurement is achieved.

So, you may want to watch the whole video I found via YouTube produced by GoLeftTV, or just skip ahead to about 2:52, where the fuckery begins.

Oh, and here's the link (source: Daily News) sent to me earlier today. Anybody can get up on YouTube, but I actually was feeling this dude, so I may have to add it to my list of things to watch.

Enjoy the ridiculousness...I wonder if there's a company out there called Bullshit Productions.

GoLeftTV (Story begins at approx 2:50-2:52)
Black Daria ;/

Can you change "The Game"?

Last weekend BET showed a few episodes of The Game and I actually sat down to watch a few...then was suprised when an episode of Harlem Heights I DVR'ed was actually an episode of The Game, so I watched that one too...and I gotta say I love this show...and Black Daria doesn't use the word love often.

A few months ago, Debra Lee of BET came to talk to a bunch of us eager beavers (assistants to managers were in the room) about her job, and one of things she mentioned is the costs of producing shows like The Game (refer back to this post for details).

Earlier this week, a few of my favorite rags posted news that The Game was being cancelled (the rumor seems to come about on the dawn of each final episode) but apparently the heat has risen...

So, some of your favorite characters from the show got together and put this video a person who works in the entertainment industry, it's always been a battle to not only see yourself on TV, but portrayed accurately...and somehow, Mara Brock Akil seems to have the magic touch.

As the dawn of another potential ax rises, I'd ask you take the full 5 minutes to watch how you can help keep The Game on air...

My name is Black Daria, and I approve this message.

Black Daria

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blog Challenge - Still Day 1 - Britney Spears vs. Ciara

I don't want Ciara coming to kick my ass, I'm just trying to pay my bills. To date, I have no ads on this page, so I'm not paying my bills with this blog...yet.

But I did think I should take a minute to put this quick post up, because...I was intrigued, I guess.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you go to look at a video on YouTube, sometimes the artist has made up their own TV station. I even have one here. Well, I was watching Ciara's video, Never Ever and at the bottom, noticed that it was a video response to Britney Spears' video, Circus.

Hmm....first I thought...uh uh. This was the same girl who's not really interested in beef, per her recent statements, so she's definitely not going at Britney.

I can't embed them, because these two chicks won't let you, so you'll just have to open two more browers (I believe in right-clicks and mulitple tabs..) so hopefully you know what the hell I am talking about, and you'll watch the two videos:

Ciara - Never Ever (on CiaraTV)


Britney Spears - Circus (on BritneyTV)

***Since I couldn't get embedded versions due to the wonderful world of legal, copyrights and such, I thought the pictures add a nice touch.

I dunno....I feel like they are appealing for different they both got it, they are true entertainers, but Britney has far more creativity in her videos than Ciara's past couple of videos...don't believe me, then go youtubing and see for yourself...

So is it beef or what? Were you mad about Brit saying something about hiding riding in the back seat of a car back in 2007? Don't get mad at me, somebody else wrote it, and I just happened to remember the shit.

Maybe my battery's charged enough so I can actually talk about what happened last night at the Jadakiss show...stay tuned.

Black Daria