Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Lil' Wayne: You're Being Set-up for Failure.

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Dear Lil' Wayne:

I am not quite sure how I feel about your release, I guess because upon the conditions of your release.
If anyone thinks that your lips will not touch a glass or a freshly-rolled joint, then they are as naive as a child who thinks Santa Claus truly exists.

Not only do I think this is a set-up, but it's definitely one destined for failure.

Let's just look at the picture above. You are certainly sipping on some Hennessey.

SMH...let the games begin.


Black Daria ;/

Dear Bow Wow: You Are Depressed, and You Are Making Me Depressed

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Dear Bow Wow:

Congratulations. Your tweets have officially made me more depressed than I get watching the many anti-depressant commercials I watch on a daily basis.
I'm trying to figure out something:

1. If you want to go to school, why can't you just go? Could have sworn I read an interview where you said you wanted to Harvard's the issue? You certainly have enough money to pay for the application.

2. Why haven't you gotten a therapist yet? You can afford that too.

3. What are you hoping to achieve by telling your followers on Twitter that you hate yourself?

I honestly just don't really understand. As a person who's had "regular jobs" trust me, it's less than desirable. Although I understand your problems, I just can't muster up enough strength to be sympathetic to your problems or issues.
You've officially pissed me off.

Man up, this is bitchy looking, and just a very "drama queen" move. Even I don't have my worst days documented on Facebook or Twitter for a reason.

Sometimes, it's just too much information.


Black Daria ;/