Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Jay-Z,

Sup Jay-

So, tell me...who do you see? And why weren't you there again? Because of what couldn't musically be touched, or the fact that you refuse to be on any record where autotune is involved.

Be Honest Jay.

~BD ;/

Last Week on the Black Daria Files: Ten Reasons why to NOT date a Rapper/Entertainer

So last week, I took advantage of the snowy day in NYC to broadcast one of the most important BlogTalk shows I think I'll do this year. I will probably do others more important, but I found it especially important to get this message out sooner than later. As a guide since my talk show is about 1 hour and 30 minutes (don't worry, there are music breaks) I've noted some of the moments where I've talked about things you probably are interested in listening to, here's the link.

Top 3 Gossip Stories for the Day:

6:50 - 10:00: Matthew Knowles speaks and responds to the alleged new baby boy, whose mother appears to be...who knows. My response? Gotta listen.

10:00 - 11:53: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys & Lady GaGa not present at the recording of "We Are The World 25 Years for Haiti."
I already addressed them on my blog, but now they had to be blasted, Black Daria style.

11:56 - 14:05: Bad Girls Club - One of my favorite shows on TV right now. Listen to my perspective on comparison to one of the great Talk Shows of the past, and my theory on why Flo really got kicked out the house.

Start of the Top 10 Reasons why you should NOT date a rapper/entertainer begin at 35:45:

36:00: #10 - They are pimps.
Cocktail came on the Reunion for For the Love of Ray J 2 and decided to blow the pimp game least the one that exists amongst folks like Ray J. I'll probably buy Brandy's albums anyway.

39:00: #9 - They have no business since, making them bad providers. They think the small advances make them rich...and they buy you a Louis Vuitton...then what? Listen as I discuss what else they can't afford.

43:50: #8 - Your Entourage will mess things up. That's just what they do. I discuss why they do this, and what they do exactly.

I got a text around the 56:50 mark telling me that rappers would be mad at me for what I was saying. My response? Gotta go to that mark to hear it.

58:25: #7 - The inability to commit. There's just no way. Between the entourage's influence, the money that seems to have a steady stream, and the girls who are looking at him onstage and hiding in select parts of the stage, including backstage, it makes it difficult...there's more to it, but...don't make me say listen again.

62:48: #6 - The Road Life. Find out what really happens on the road by listening to this part of the show. Simply put, it's not what you think.

Music on the Show includes:

00:05: "New York City Boy" - TL Cross

30:24: "Uggs to Hugs" - Kel Spencer featuring Jesse Boykins III

48:04: "Taking Over The World" - Lola Davis

58:39: "Eye On You" - Kel Spencer featuring Lydia Caesar
87:10: Staple Me - Peter Hadar

Next up: Numbers 5 -1; You can get the link to remind yourself by clicking here.

Shout out to @thatwritingchic & @Shahidah_J, who called and chimed in at the 18:00 & 23:35 respectively.

Until the next show,

Black Daria ;/

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear Readers and Lovers: A Black Daria Video dedication

Dear Readers and Lovers,

I could careless about this over-commercialized holiday. As my good friend Coco Jackson says, everyday is the 14th. With that, my love song to you.

A hint on what's to come...and Happy Valentine's Day from Black Daria. But really, whatever. xo, Black Daria ;/

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear @Cthagod...are you Gay?

Dear Charlemagne,

Excuse me? Please "''splain Lucy...'splain!"
(in my Desi Arnaz voice).

~Black Daria ;/

P.S. I've emailed "Glittadick" as suggested in this video. I'm getting to the bottom of this one...either he's high in this video, or somebody needs to..."'splain."

Rhianna's Bad Video Moment: A letter by Black Daria

Dear Rhianna,

Girl. There's far too much to say, and who am I but a simple blogger...blogger #58. I know nothing.

But you do know this video is trash right? Jean-Michele Basquiat would turn over in his fucking grave and shoot up if he saw this...trash. As would Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.

Black Daria ;/

P.S. Also read about the fight that broke out at LIV the night after Superbowl Sunday. As per the comments suggestions, I think you need extra security. #Justsayin

Sources: Wikipedia, RWS

A VIDEO MOMENT with BLACK DARIA: Core Students @ Great Adventure - 2008

OK, so I kinda lied. Sometimes I have to show a video in between my letter writing. When I got this one via my inbox, I was amazed that these kids haven't been on a TV show yet...


Stay Tuned. In the meantime, shout out to Nikki Duncan-Smith - mother of Eden Sanaa ;)

**dedicated to Nanny of St. Albans, Sag Harbor...a true renaissance Black Woman. Not my real Nanny, but everyone who met her knows she belonged to all of us. RIP, Nanny :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga: a "not so nice" letter

Dear Beyonce, Jay-Z,Alicia Keys & Lady Gaga,

Sup my peoples. I've been notified that you were conveniently "unavailable" for the 25th anniversary of the "We Are The World" for Haiti recording.

We Are The World 2010 - 25th Anniversary
Note: For the record, please scan for those whom made it to this..."thing."

Now, I know what you're about to response is to "shut the fuck up and listen."

Now, for a little history sake, just would like you to know something, as I can tell some of you skipped a few classes in middle school..and you additionally weren't paying attention to popular culture.

Michael Jackson singlehandedly saved MTVs ass. Yes, ONE VIDEO. Followed by others, of course. When launched in August 1981, MTV showed promise to be a destination for all things music.

But there was a problem...

And that problem was that the radio dial had many stations. Not everyone was into Rock post-disco era...this "Pop" thing was making a rise. And the customer was most important at that time. MTV was a baby as far as pay-for-tv services were concerned.

I'm sure Jay you can relate...cable was JUST being installed in my neighborhood of Crown Heights in the early the 80s, our demo was an afterthought.

Until MJ...he paved the way for "different" music.

Because of MJ, many other types of music essentially landed on the channel, and shows like "Yo MTV Raps" were created.

Let's add onto this: as a humanitarian, no one has come close to MJ. He selflessly gave back to those who needed it most, and was happy to bring joy to anyone's life, even though he could never have the peace we earned as human beings.

So I ask, what EXACTLY is your fucking excuse? You didn't get it? Wanna show MJ up? You'll have to do alot to get to that status, I don't give a flying ringding fignooty (my mother made that up) what you've done "since MJ"...with your generation/s (yeah, Jay makes it so) especially, there would be no "you" without MJ.

You're fucking ridiculous.

Black Daria ;/

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Bad Girls Club Producers: A positive letter written by Black Daria

Dear Producers of the Bad Girls Club:

Wow. Don't know how you do it every week, but this season just keeps getting better. Between the multiple fights, love trysts and that hot guy who stops by to water the plants, I, like Flo, just can't get enough.

I think the genius in this show, like Jersey Shore, is the shooting. Your Cameramen get an A+ for being able to run behind these whorettes. Surprised the house isn't padded from the windows to the wall.

BD Post

You also know how to tell a good story, and you show the right clips to set up the show. I appreciate recall...I have a great memory, but refreshers help.

All I can say is, I'm never dissapointed. You're giving me fond memories of my Jerry Springer days, specifically the years between 1993-1997 (glory years).

I'm almost positive that you must own or have seen at one time in your life "too hot for TV" which highlights some of Springer's finer moments on television.

Don't be ashamed...I'm curious. Please, email me. I'd love to just give my weekly thoughts on the show (feedback/qualitative research).

Black Daria ;/

P.S. Below are more of my favorite moments, skipped last week's photos for this post, but let's see what tonight brings.

BD post
Will Natalie be Bi-sexual this week? Will Flo be the "one" she chooses?

BD post
Will Annie step to Flo? Natalie?

Bad Girls Club
Keep tainting Kate's food? This is so freaking nasty btw...all because she's mentally capable of doing worse...this is the chick that burns down her house 6 months after the show goes off the air. Ask Danger.

Bad Girls Club, I think you should caption this one...please.

OK, really fin. Or whatever.


source: Bad Girls Club & RWS