Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remember the future...

And also remember if i see this slogan on a t-shirt, I will sue for royalties. I like checks.

Black Daria

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some gossip. Because you care, right? Right.

Gossip catch up...Black Daria was busy on Talk Dat Ish radio tonight, so she doesn't have time for updates or rants, but here...since you all want to know what's going on:


I know, I'd say the same thing if I didn't watch The City on MTV. But this fool, after attending a Downtown event Whitney invites Olivia to (not knowing she was breaking many rules of the Upper East Class by simply breathing in her direction) says, "We are polar opposites from the Downtown people" and other nonsense. You'll have to watch about 15 minutes into it to hear this bitchass. Yea, you sir, are a bitchass.

Why are you getting arrested for picking up hookers, skipping out on hotel't sound like movin' on up is as good as George and Weezie made it seem. Guess I will just keep kicking it here in Harlem. And I like Downtown far better than you snobs who have to pay for ass because you are awkward and that's the only way to get a girl. Ask Eliot Spitzer. No links for that dude, google him.
***Tell them why you're mad, Black Daria...***

Fabu-not: Is this true? If so, I think I am tired of hearing this type of stuff, like what's next? Are we in a recession or is it just some of us? Hey, I am the first person to tell you, it's not easy being Black Daria...but I just am not doing stupid shit like this (if it's true of course). Pretty outlandish tale...

Aaliyah-Z? You know, I was not even going to post this, but here is what I hope: Jay-Z or Dame Dash better come back and put this young lady to rest...I was going to do a tribute to her just two weeks ago...come on, let her rest, please. I will also still read because like many of you, I am in love with this stuff just as much as you are. It would be a lie if I said otherwise, so there :/. Plus I read it on two other blogs...somebody better respond.

Danity Kane is no more, so they say. And frankly my dears, I don't give a fuck (if this is true). You should be nicer to people you meet, you never know when they will blog about how your clothes were a hot mess, or that you are just straight up stank. So, I am happy to see you are DISBANDED.
I probably wouldn't say that, but "Oh well, oh well..." as Radio Personality Miss Jones says. Of course, I will be watching when they come back on February 5th at 9PM. Diddy is no fool, there's alot to learn from him...I know, but I think people underestimate him because he's a dancer. Just saying. Look, he moved into Prime Time hours...not even the Hills gets 9 PM...
OK, Eyes are officially popped out of my head.
Black Daria ;/

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Mr. McGruder...

Dear Mr. McGruder,

Thank you for responding to the recent posts regarding your feelings about President Obama. It's nice to know that you felt moved to do something, since I am still waiting for the third (or fourth?) season of the Boondocks. I would also like you to know that you are very damn cute, but I need to get some things off my chest like a professional blogger, and not some pseudo-groupie.

I'd like to state that while Barack may not be African-American, we can't ignore that American society breaks us into classes based upon looks, and an immigrant, Barack does not "look." I say this due to the stereotypical nature of the people, although the 2 million people who stood on the lawn last Tuesday kinda begin to tell us otherwise.

They tell us that we are all in the same gang together, and that if not for them, we couldn't appreciate your type of humor...well, at least some of us. I don't think it's that easy to dismiss Obama's race or heritage, when we know that in American society, both immigrants and minorities have faced their own prejudices that wouldn't allow for the amazing transformation that took place on January 20, 2009. President Obama's term will be challenging for all Americans. I agree, the raping of Americans by many whom held our future in their hands is a task that not just one man can bear to repair alone. I do challenge you to tell me what you are doing to help Obama, as he's requested all of our help.

Allow me to elaborate. There was a young lady who I'd always see in the mornings going to work; she used to hand me my AM/NY paper along with all my other reads I scan on a daily basis. A few weeks later, she was outside my job, on a smoke break with a friend, complaining about her job at McDonalds. She wants something better, but she didn't know where to begin.

I could have judged her from the start. By no means are we from the same socio-economic background...but we happen to live one block away from each other, and when I ran into her the other night, she was holding an eviction notice, and looking quite hopeless.

I couldn't offer her much, but I did give her a good meal, and we talked for about an hour. Another friend stopped by, and I got the feeling that by the end of the conversation, we had done what Obama had asked of us. I am not sure if she will use the information I give her on Monday to get a new job. What I do know is that while the criticism of American practice must not cease, those of us with a voice must SPEAK. When you go to these schools, what are you talking about? Why have you been so silent, and what are you proposing?

I only ask because I feel that unbeknownst to you, you may very well hold some of the answers we need to not only help Obama, but practice your first amendment rights and give us an installment of the Boondocks that helps to understand your perspective. You've definitely given us your perspective, but are there any solutions you can provide?

Just asking.

Black Daria :/

P.S. My penmanship is of course nothing like that above, giving you a very Perez Hilton kind of feeling. By no means am I a biter, I just wanted you to know how I felt. Between you and Chuck Bass, there's room for full potential to be my man. Waiting for your call response.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night Videos: Biggie Edition

Another Friday that couldn't have come sooner, I missed last week's edition (Really wanted to do Aaliyah in honor of her birthday but I couldn't get my act fully together...and had a hard time finding ones I wanted to use...)

Either way, I did see
Notorious on Monday and thought I should certainly do this for a number of reasons you'll either not care about or get jealous and hate me for when you shouldn't, so I won't bother. It's also Friday Night room for tangents.

So I began doing searches for Biggie Videos on YouTube...and nothing. Diddy TV? No. Biggie Smalls? Nope. Then I saw that the videos had been removed by WMG...why? What's up with that? Seems strange...will investigate another day.

What WAS there was the last interview with Biggie Smalls before he was murdered. So I suppose you could call this the "Interview" portion of Friday Night Videos.

Biggie/Joe Clair - Part 1

Biggie/Joe Clair - Part 2

R.I.P. Christopher B.I.G. Wallace - May 21, 1972 - March 9, 1997

~Black Daria :/

Photo Credit: Bad Boy Records, via Wikipedia (But Looks very Jonathan Mannion to me...JM?)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, sometimes, the news....breaks.

Photo credit:

While perusing one of my favorite blogs,, I couldn't help but notice the posting regarding Aaron McGruder, the Creator of the know, the racy, N-dropping kids on Cartoon Network (which by the way I thought was GENIUS).

So when this whole debate came up on the site today, I wondered if Aaron would at least open his freaking mouth already...I've waited long enough for a fucking new season.

Well, christmas came early...I think:

***start of response to boondocks fans (via facebook)***


For a long time now, I have tried to keep my opinions on the election and Barack Obama to myself. I occasionally do speaking engagements, which are not open to the press, and unfortunately some of my comments have been twisted around in a silly manner. The claim that I asserted our new President was not Black is categorically false.

I have seen an endless stream of Black pundits on TV pontificating about the significance of President Obama's election - many of them making reference to the 3/5th's clause in the constitution regarding slaves. The point I was making is that this is not an accurate comparison. Barack is the son of an immigrant, not the descendant of slaves. It's like comparing a half-Japanese man to the oppressed Chinese who built the American railroads. Yes, they are both Asian, but it is not an honest or accurate comparison. We all share the common experiences of being Black in America today - we do not all share a common history. A history that in part makes us who we are - and in some cases (as with the psychological damage that still lingers from slavery) holds us back. These are not, I believe, insignificant distinctions.

I did say I was cautiously pessimistic about Obama's Presidency - but this is simply acknowledging the reality of an American Empire that is out of control and on the verge of collapse. Let us not forget that on the eve of the election, we witnessed a near trillion dollar robbery of the US treasury. That robbery is still taking place. I do not blame President Obama, but I do not believe the financial and corporate interests that own and control this country will fold so easily. I do not question the integrity of the man as much as the power of his office - which I believe has greatly diminished over the years. I believe the Federal Reserve Bank, the Military Industrial Complex, and the massive corporate interests that run this country have more power than our new President. I hope I am wrong.

After 9/11, I witnessed the most of this country become obsessed with squashing dissent and silencing critics. I hope this election does not turn Black America towards this same, fascist mind state; but already I am starting to see it, and it saddens me greatly. I absolutely wish our new President and his family success and safety. But after all I have witnessed in my lifetime, and especially in the last eight years, I am not ready to lay down my skepticism or my outrage for this government. To do so would be unwise and, ironically enough, anti-American.


My response?

Hi Mr. Gruder...we haven't met yet...but my name is Black Daria, and I kinda agree and kinda don't, but I sir, am no silent critic.

Would love some response to well as credit in any place this ends up before all the major hot blogs that I love so much.

My response will come tomorrow after another very important post I must write. Maybe he will add me as a friend after this, unless like Nixon said "The Press is the Enemy." Gee, am I Press?


Black Daria

Monday, January 19, 2009

My second letter to Chuck Bass...

Dear Chuck,

Just when they thought you'd lost it all, you came back, realizing that everybody needs I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your recent victory of acquiring Bass Industries back. And notice something isn't Blair congratulating you. In fact, she's turned her back on you, too concerned about getting into Yale, and has already caused way too many problems for her own good. She has no time for you.

But I do.

Screw the Thai hookers, look at what Black is doing for America, and get with the program.

I'll be waiting for your call, but hopefully, I won't have to become too aggressive. It's not really my style anyway, if you've read anything else I've written. I'm a woman (not a girl) who states the facts as they are, and I hope you realize what's best for you at some point.

Until then, I'll keep blogging from my Harlem pad...and you keep rocking the hell out of those jackets and vests...your color combinations are like Vanilla Bean Haagen Daaz in my mouth.

Black Daria

Greater "Heights"? and a lesson in Television 101...

So, just when I thought there would be nothing for me to be proud of on television this year, BET makes a move that even knocked my glasses a little lower on my nose than normal...


Photo credit:

As Neffe would say, "Are you serious?" THANK. YOU. BET. Yes, there are talented, COLLEGE-educated people out there who not only just happen to be Black like me (officially a new category), but have and are doing things...right here in New York City...down the block from Black Daria...again, no call...fine, I will just wait for my own show.

NOW HEAR THIS: If you've been complaining about what BET doesn't do, you may want to watch this show. Back in the summer I attended a session that the good folks at Viacom provide to the young whippersnappers looking to figure out where they want to go in the building. With so many opportunities, it's hard to decide, but when Debra Lee came to speak, I realized that all my television watching didn't go to waste...completely. You could equate it to the 10,000 hour theory in the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

LAUGHS. HEADS SHAKING...thinking, "What's my current facebook status?" followed by *Jeers, booos....*

Watch the banana peels...I know what you are thinking, but I will let you in on something I think you should know...

TELEVISION 101: Ad Sales

Ad Sales are the depth and breath of most cable's ad revenue that keeps the doors open and the girls girating for Bret Michaels (just being diverse and politcally correct). BET struggles because ad sales (and other dollars, but mucho in Ad Sales) retroactively will pay for those shows you love to watch, like "The Game" or "House."

Now stop. Think about how much it costs to produce those shows (excluding reality TV, as many of the women and men who make first appearances are paid little, if not a plane ticket and a nice hotel room). According to Debra Lee, a show like "The Game" costs a million dollars...per episode. Read that again, because I was equally as blown. 1 million dollars per episode x14 is...very good, 14 million dollars.

We can say that BET has taking a brutal beating, as most minority networks don't get half the dollars that are spread amongst major networks. It's a no brainer to decide whether you'll throw a couple million behind an extremely edited episode of "The Wire" that you can already watch on demand, versus a brand new American Idol...pretty interesting, huh?

What's special about Harlem Heights? It was featured at the Television Critics Association (or TCA to the nerds like myself) Winter Conference as a show that's NOT to compete with the Hills (what?) as it's purpose is to show the beauty of Harlem (yay) as well as it's diverse young professionals sprinkled about its streets.

We will see. Black Daria is waiting for her invite to the premiere party.

Oh, Harlem Heights will air March 2 on BET.

Signing off.

Black Daria

P.S. Talk about having a dream, huh? Remember the greatness of the Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. today...for without this man, who knows if even my blog would exist. Martin Luther King Jr. was a true outlier.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out with the "Human," In with the Who?

So, perusing the internet on a lonely Wednesday night (Tom stood me up again; his text message certainly has sealed his fate...) I was taken aback by the information I'd already read on a few blogs...but when the information got more detailed than that, I was left wondering if there was really a need to pump up the already cultish following of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

OUT - DeShawn Snow

Photo credit:

I, Black Daria, approve this move. I mean, lets face it...DeShawn's fundraiser event alone sealed her fate on that show. If you don't recall, allow me to refresh your memory, although Bravo does a fabulous job of repeating shows at least 50 times per weekend, 52 weeks a year.

DeShawn is a do-gooder...she wanted to do some more good by having a fundraiser for the DeShawn Snow foundation. She decides an auction is best. She'll call the best of the best, turn her house into Christie's, and make a million dollars, easy! So many red flags why do you have a foundation? Who are you? That sort of thing...

Her sheer idiocracy in this area did her do-gooder self no good...the auction failed terribly, as she learned that inviting people for free would certainly not weed out the many whores who came there just to get a look at her husband or any other players they thought they could get their grubby hands on...

DeShawn...they did you a favor. You were sooooo boring...that still picture of you above is what you looked like for most of the reunion...But I believe it was the squeaky clean image that forced the producers to actually think that maybe someone else should take her place...but, um...oh boy...

IN? - Tameka Foster

You know her as the lucky (eh) woman who was able to get Ursher, or Usher as he's known in most popular circles. I assume some publicist was behind this fabulous leak, but after the way he acted when he was about to marry Tameka, I highly doubt that he wants to be part of this fiasco...his brand isn't in that much trouble yet, and besides, privacy issues are a paranoia that Usher can't handle...I just don't think the world is ready for the real Tameka, or at least the one I've read about in the past (scroll on down to July 27, 2007).

Nice try, BravoTV, but I am not buying it. Bring on the next unknown Wife!

Off to write my second letter to Chuck Bass...would you believe he has yet to respond to the first one?

So over you...Tom.

Black Daria :/

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Night Videos...a "Dirty Little Secret" included...

Remember that show? After "Video Killed the Radio Star" played on MTV in 1981 (yep, I am a fucking nerd) on MTV for the first time, I think Friday Night Videos became the "network option." Remember, my mom said we couldn't get cable, so this was the next best thing.

So why not have my own Friday Night Videos? Here's my first...I've had this song on repeat a few weeks now:

Do you have a secret? If so, email me and tell it to me. I won't tell anyone, but I'd love to post them...

Black Daria

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My first love letter to Chuck Bass

Hi Chuck-

You don't know me, but I know you. Since I know you aren't a man who gets himself too caught up in busy talk, I will get straight to the point.

I can't help it, but I am falling in love with you...and since you don't know me, know that Black Daria falls for no one. I love men, even had a boyfriend or three...but they didn't get me, and somehow, I think you might.

I know what you are thinking...who is this girl? Where does she live? Well, I certainly don't have a doorman...hell, I don't even have an intercom. What I do have is the ability to be the perfect match to your coy, sexy ways.

Allow me to explain...while I thought Blair did an OK job of coming to your defense, I would have ensured that you were not suspended at all or ever. How? Well, you'll have to call me to find out, but I can assure you that your Uncle would not have needed to say anything else when I finished my diatribe. That Blair is OK, but while she may have the credentials to marry you, like Beyonce, I can "Upgrade You." How? Hmmm...if you write me back, maybe I will tell you...a lady must not reveal all her secrets. (did I just call myself a lady? Damn I must like this one...)

You think about it, K? Now I am getting a little too cutesy for even my own standards. Since you are into the tech world, here's my email: will you email me please? (no pleading, not my style)

Black Daria

P.S. I loved this glasses are getting foggy as I write embarrassing :/