Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear Wendy "COKEHEAD" Williams...

Photo Credit: Who cares, someone's camera broke shortly after taking this shit anyway.

Sup CUNT WHORE..."how you doin'?": appears that your husband likes trannies. Well, no shocker there.

I feel sorry for your son when he googles your fuckery of a life. Allow me to add in, or should I say fill in the blanks...

I bought both of your books. I've always been a radio fan; I grew up listening to it. Music was key in my upbringing. My father died when I was 6. The radio kept me on time for everything, as I had no one around to really tell me what to do, but let's get back to you.

It started back in the early 90s when you were on Hot 97; hip hop was in its prime. From the greats of the 80s black people finally created a platform to make money...legally...and get paid by 'the whites.'

But sadly, you forgot that. It started with the "He's Gay..." rumor. The HE I refer to, is Sean 'Diddy' Combs, or Puff Daddy, whom he was known as at the time. But you forgot to mention that you'd broken the "CODE"...blasted a fellow host, Angie Martinez about her relationship with Q-tip (check Wikipedia, HOE.)

Now, whose fault was it that you lost your job? You think about it, BITCH.

Never mind that stereotypes such as 'black people are drug dealers' were rolling about. Never FUCKING MIND that YOU were a former (and at that time still current) COKEHEAD.

So now, WE must, as 'the blacks', take one shot for you, all because some idiot gave you a fucking platform.

Now, as I recall, you did radio in college. I thought it was Syracuse University but it was Northwestern University, to be exact. At least, that's where you said you went...

It also says you did radio in college, another fact I did remember. I'd love to see your motherfucking transcripts, along with an ACTUAL DIPLOMA. There's no way you studied communications or journalism; you should have known better. You had to know what type of bullshit would ensue after.

Keep in mind that radio salaries were bullshit at that time, so you were making money off of other hustles; parties and whatever appearances asked of you to attend.

Let's fast forward to your official "return" back to NYC in the early 2000s on 107.5 WBLS. At this point you were married, had your kid, and were back in the place where it all "began" for you.

Frankly, I wasn't impressed. You were up to your shameful bullshit tactics, adding some muscle to your team (Charlemagne Tha God), because someone needed to balance your bullshit. Then it happened. Method Man's wife was battling cancer, and rather than have some RESPECT, you decided to announce it via a nurse at the hospital she was at (is that shit even legal?) with no regard to her or him at all. She hadn't let members of her immediate family know...if you knew anything YOU STUPID CUNT, cancer mainly begins from stress. But fuck her, right?

Fast forward even further. I was representing Dres from Black Sheep and Buckeey from "Flavor of Love 2" at the time. She was in NYC, and we had some places to attend. Your husband and Charlemagne drove us around after I parked my car. Then we caught up to you downtown at a spot not too far from Little West 12th Street.

I wanted to ask you about radio, but I wasn't there for that. It was my client's time, so I wanted to introduce myself as a publicist (READ: Another black woman trying to make it)...the next day, the homie emails me...

"Wendy is talking about you on the radio."

So I tune in, and you're going in about my "nobody" clients...I also assume you were too coked up to remember my name...and thank GOD; it could have ruined business for me.

I don't know what your hatred is for your own kind, but what I do know is you are FULL OF SHIT. You blast your own for ratings, but when 'the whites' accepted you, you decided to make good. But by then, many wouldn't even think about coming on your show. You had to basically apologize to Whoopi Goldberg just to gain a tad of respect.

You do know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?

I never forget BULLSHIT, you CUNT WHORE COKEHEAD. You need to pray for your son's future, and get a fucking life. Don't give advice to Whitney Houston unless you are ready to accept that you are really a man, and just a human. Like everyone else.

You can suck a dick, as far as I'm concerned, since you and your husband probably share that in common anyway. I'll never apologize to you.

In my eyes, you will always be a CUNT COKEHEAD WHORE.

Think Staten Island, BITCH.

Black Daria ;/