Friday, May 22, 2009

"Keeping it Real, Whitney" - Special Guest, Kanye West

SHM. Kanye didn't get the memo about how Whitney's talk show works. A few notes before you watch the movie:

1. They don't have many options for black guys on Xtranormal (maybe there are more if I signed up for a Premium Account) so Run DMKanye it is.

2. Only one American Male Voice option...but hey, as soon as he opens his mouth with all his bullshit rhetoric, you see and hear Kanye.

Enjoy the show...

"Keeping it Real, Whitney" - Special Guest Kanye West

Black Daria ;/

***Special thanks to Trevor at Xtranormal, for without his assistance, there would be no Black Daria movies on Youtube :) Sometimes Black Daria does smile.


What is it that I like about this song so much? Guess it's just a song my alter-ego likes...

GREEN DAY - "When I Come Around"

Ending with a special thanks to've never let me down, and I am eternally grateful.

Black Daria

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Facebook Status Update: A Black Daria Perspective

***Taken from the walls of my notes on know me is to add me as a friend...Hint: I like a message before just adding me. I originally posted this on Facebook back on May 7th, 2009, but I thought my 14 followers to date, and 5 or 6 other readers of my blog would enjoy this. Feel free to share this story with friends. OK, done with my sales pitch.***

A while back, I remember writing something about my Facebook status updates and got an enormous (hey, it was like 18 comments directed entirely about it, felt super cool that day) about how funny they they get people through their day, etc.

I was happy to know that, because I know I personally re-read some of them and am like "Wow, you are too hot for TV right now," (phrase I've used since the late '90s via Jerry Springer) but I just say "eh," and keep it moving. I read others...some make me laugh equally...I thought everybody was doing "it." You know, writing a "good update" even when it was bad."

"So why this post, BD?" Well, for some reason, a conversation I had today keeps repeating itself, so I felt the need to indulge for a minute on this subject of your status update, and what it could (or not) say about you.

Scenario #1:


"Just came from the bar..." - 12 hrs ago

"@insertcoolpersonnamehere just bought me another drink...can't dissapoint him...was leaving the bar, he caught me" - 12 hrs ago

"sdtgsie" - 11 hrs ago

"Can't belivve I mad it hom okayee" - 10 hrs ago

"Getting on a plane to go meet with the next (insert client name here)" - 2 secs ago
- fin/Scenario 1-

Thoughts? Could say this is an alcoholic. You could also say this person is on their business (sdtgsie is code for my phone is in my pocket right now, and I was looking on Facebook to see if anyone had commented on the @insertcoolpersonnamehere but didn't, so I threw the phone back in my bag, forgot to minimize to my home screen, etc.) and is merely on their night on the town...or this person is your average industry person...You can talk amongst yourselves about the definition of the "industry person" because frankly, I work amongst them, they are my colleagues, but frankly, save the bullshit for the pitch with Russell and Diddy and other people you like to name drop. Shet ep. But keep writing, because like a train wreck, I wanna see how it all turns out...will you tell us the REAL ("I slept with him"; by the way, I don't advise one goes there, I don't think I need to know all that) or are you just giving us your bullshit to impress your "friends." Next.

Here's another situation:

Scenario 2

"Getting ready to get out of bed and get started with my day" - on Saturday

"Feeling frisky, still in bed...wanna join me?" - on Satuday


"Sorry facebook, that day got even crazier, I want a kiss...any takers?" - 50 min ago (posted at 6:08 PM)

-fin/Scenario 2-

OK, so you might be saying "Who the eff are your friends?" Like myself, I am sure from time to time, there's a random person you add, because you feel like "hey, this is someone I should know...they agreed with my debate on (insert topic) and I notice they seem to be on their shit...they work at (insert name of great company here)," so you add them...and then you start seeing updates like these, and are trying to figure out just when this site turned into some myspace/craigslist/assforsale site...please note though that FB is my first "social networking vice" of choice, followed by Twitter. Basically, this person gets deleted at some point, just looking for the right opportunity for them not to notice.

My last scenario may identify with others you know (Scenario 3):

"Just ate dinner. It was good." - 14 hrs ago

"Took a shower...very refreshing..." - 10 hours ago
"Going to the gym" - 9 hours ago
"Got out the gym...could have waited to shower since I ended up taking another." - 8 hours ago

-fin/Scenario 3-

Ummm...OK. You're just boring and there's no way around it. Why, you ask? Well, if I've been your friend (or I've known you, also a big difference) since freaking almost diapers or even college, and we don't talk everyday, what kind of info is this? Take this bullshit to Twitter, amongst a community (search for #lamers) and get with them...don't torture me and the other 40 people who are on your friends list with this mess. Just keep the damn account open and put pictures up...those speak more to me than these lame-ass updates...and if I choose to comment on those pics, well super-dee-duper.

Anyone that's known me (I've tagged those that know me from the playground of PS 221, to the grassy noles of Goucher College) knows that I say what I feel...of course I am sensitive to others (yet still brutally honest) and don't just SAY IT, but please believe that I say what I feel, take no reservations and could give 5 shits about what you think about me after I say it...some of my co-workers are actually my friends on in a different business or different type of world (I dunno, I will go with Police Officer), maybe not...but if I add you, as a coworker, even if we don't talk everyday, my page still reflects me, but isn't all of me.

You (coworker) now may have the answer you need to why I looked pissed today (i.e. the restless FB status updates when I can't sleep = cranky Nicole at work the next day...proceed with caution, however, I am a professional ;) ) Don't utilize it as an opportunity to "blow someone up" when your dumb ass may end up looking stupid in the end...if you were smart, you'd know why I am on my facebook page, and not get so caught up into my "activities" and do your damn job...sorry, I needed to get that one off my chest, still mad about those snitches.

In summary...

There's not one association I have that will be ruined by any of my updates, no matter how gangster I get...because one should always be smart about what they write, but remember that there's this whole first amendment thing, and I am kinda down for uppity shit with the kid. In other words, I am human...and one day, I will get into the status update today that made me take a minute to write this, but some days, it just needs to be said.

By me?

Black Daria

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#RIP The Game

Twitter people know what that means...if not, here are the pics from the sources:

AND it says: Finally got official word from producers and cast of the show the The Game that it has been cancelled. Was great while it lasted.

Tia Mowry confirmed the BET pick-up was also a wrap:

SMH. All the hard work on this post back in April. Gone. And then, I said I went to this talk with Debra Lee a few months prior...but...never mind.

Black Daria ;/

An email to Xtranormal, because I could really care less about...

The following is an e-mail I sent to Xtranormal, the site where I get to make all those fabulous movies as I live out my career as a writer/director (HA!) but there's been some issues.

It started on May 11...I took my complaints to the forums (hey, why PLENTY of time on my hands...)

As opposed to going off in the forums (it is a free site, but still) I wrote them on Twitter:

and dude actually finds me again and writes me (how loved am I, or lame that I am hype over a personal e-mail to black daria) so here's what I wrote daria style, of course (below my email is his response to my twitter post):
from: nic price <>
to: support xtranormal <>
date: Wed, May 20, 2009 at 9:12 PM
subject: Re: Xtranormal Support to Blackdaria - Youtube publishing

Well, basically I was trying to finish a movie I did the other day, and as I went to save last night:

1. Didn't save all the way through, so I had to start over (Remix feature as suggested in the forums).

2. Added some text, camera changes...hit the Save button...

3. Gets to stage 3 or 4, then gives me a sad FYI, your movie didn't save I am sad.

4.Did it worked...but now Youtube doesn't work...says my credentials are incorrect, but I changed them after changing my password. I like safety :)

5. Tried "taking 5" (button you hit when you need the break from all that writing/directing) because I clearly was taking this all too seriously...

6. Came back to my remixed movie, tried immediately saving dice, says that it's just not gonna happen.

7. 2 AM = late to work.

Can't lose my job in this recession unless you are going to hire me to do something for help me please (smile).

No but seriously, that's what's happening. Thanks for your email.

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 1:50 PM, support xtranormal <> wrote:

Ooof. Still not working for you, Nic? I saw your Twitter post ;)

The credentials are still messed up? Mind if I go in and check again?

Let me know.
"If you can type, you can make movies!"

They really need to fix this issue on their site for a number of reasons:

1. I could careless that Aubrey Graham/Drake is dating Rihanna. I highly advise you to think about what this can do to your I'm not taking Chris Brown's calls...when he calls me. (Saw this on MTO, yeah yeah, shet ep)

2. I also don't really care that Suge Knight is getting sued by Mi'chele. Like duh, I've known that since the choco blogs broke that before there was a (Wall Street Journal blog is where I saw that one...right, even the WSJ doesn't have a damn thing to talk about)

3. Ciara's fashion choices have left me to believe that creativity is lacking in fashion (pick up the In Touch magazine dated 5/25/09) or her budget got smaller. Rihanna, while I still am not a fan of, should consider becoming a socialite. I am actually feeling her shit, because she's representing for the short people. Like moi. Also in the same In Touch issue mentioned above.
4. I really don't feel like addressing Julie's issues (Russell's current "Special Friend" because we, the public, are 5 year olds) with black women, or black people in general. That's just taking me back to the 50's, and Obama is in office, so I try not to address such mess, however I advise her to find a real black girl and be friends with her. Someone like me, coupled with a lunch with my mother could do wonders for Uncle Rush's camp right now. You can catch that on Gossip Jacker or Global Grind. Don't ask me her last name, because I didn't know she was a model before Uncle Rush and I don't care now either.

5. And basically, I don't care about Rihanna or Cassie's titties/breasts (keep the PC for the kids). And no, I won't post what's already been seen. You've seen it all at this point damn it. So please.
So, until there is something to really discuss, or rather that I CARE to discuss...I will be talking to these xtranormal people.
A result of Chuck leaving me for Blair. Oh well.
Black Daria

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Keeping it Real, Whitney" - special guest Aubrey O'Day - A Black Daria Film

In the spirit of the quest for being the next Oprah, Whitney Houston decided that she'd start her own talk show...

KEEPING IT REAL, WHITNEY - special guest, Aubrey O'Day

If I were her, I'd probably had done a little more research before I tried to show up and talk to Ms. Whitney...that's just me though.

Black Daria

Friday Night Videos - Turn Your Swag (or Fag) On....yeaaaaaaah, I'm getting money....oooowww (or something like that)

I actually felt motivated to install another edition of Friday Night Videos...idea was sparked by my girl Jo...we were having lunch (not a natural occurence at MTV, hence my slim/trim figure).

But anyway, since Black Daria doesn't like to brag much, I thought it be fun to hear a couple of remixes to...TURN YA SWAG ON!

WTF Black Daria, are you bugging? Yeah, probably...but real talk, the remix is verses come from...well...all of them. Of course my opinion, you can decide, of course.

Later on, Jo sends me the OTHER remix, and I really was laughing a little too loud at my desk, but it was cool because it was a ridiculously quiet (yet wonderful) day at the office. Make sure to turn your Fag on after all those remixes...don't be afraid to embrace all people, please. Human race is fucked up as it is...

So here we go. This is music today...LOL.

TURN YOUR SWAG ON (Remix) - Featuring Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Jim Jones, Maino & Jadakiss

TURN YOUR FAG ON - Bee318ti (Gotta love the name)

Black Daria

Monday, May 4, 2009

"When Whitney met Beyonce" - A Black Daria Film

I couldn't help myself...I mean, how could I not make one of my own...besides, the news is very boring right now...I could careless that Rihanna canceled her concerts because she wants to frollock on the beach with her Dexter St. Jock...could give a flying fignooty, because anytime somebody talks about this no-talent trash, she gets paid...even

onto the movie, entitled "When Whitney meets Beyonce" - A Black Daria Film

Only proper that I set you up like they do at a television pitch:

Beyonce is leaving her concert at MSG, parading through the streets of NYC in celebration of her awesome show, when she bumps into Whitney Houston in Times Square. Annoyed by the skip to her do-dah, Ms. Houston has a few words with Ms. Knowles about the business of music...

I mean, again, I just couldn't resist. Enjoy the show.

Black Daria