Monday, March 30, 2009

The Seven Day Blog Challenge - Day 1 (as of 4/9/09)

***Editor's note...I wrote this 7 days ago, so just add 7 days to everything I said...oh, and one more follower...go Black Daria.***

I'm not sure if I've ever, since starting this blog back in December, remember if I've written for seven days straight on my blog. I have plenty of excuses...I respect writing, and I don't think just posting a few pics with a couple lines that are not really saying much helpful...I'd like to think I respect the Blogosphere a bit more than that...

If I really told you what's happened in my life in the last 7 days, you'd probably ask me some questions I don't really feel like answering right I am just not going to go there, to spare you the bullshit details that often block my abilities to write everyday.

Call it lack of motivation, but it was a couple of Facebook posts today that really got me to thinking about how all I have is ME...and this blog...and 11 followers (to date).

Remembering a few of my goals, I assume that at this point, the best thing for me to do to really do this shit is to write for 7 days straight. I think it was in my Marketing Management class where we discussed it taking at least 21 days to fall into a daily routine and make it habitual...I am going for 7 because I know myself...I don't think I'm ready for a 30-day challenge...I mean it's not Bikram Yoga, just saying...


This train never ceases to amaze me as being the shittiest train line in New York...I am sure trains that even locals don't ride, like the G train (no offense, but your problems are on a different scale) however, the fact that some asshole (or a couple, depending on who tells the story) want to raise fares to $2.50 is no less short of preposterous. I wonder if they know that a lot of people's paychecks are not reinbursing for this friendly thing called inflation.

I'd also like to state that I don't know why, but it amazes me to no end how people like to sit on two seats instead of one, just to be able to not have to sit next to someone...isn't that why people take taxis? I generally reserve the taxi comment for people who, on a crowded train, think you shouldn't get close to you think I want to smell your hot coffee breath that's marinated for two hours before your Lox Onion bagel? People like the man in Blue/Purple sweater I'd love to smack and then be able to get away with it...ridiculous.

Source: Sorry, don't remember what I typed in Google images to get this flick, hopefully dude won't sue me.

David Patterson and these clowns all need to ride the trains for a week to get a glimpse into the life...are you telling me the money has just evaporated into the air, yet I am the one to be responsible...Obama, can you spare a dime on this one? I've given up many civil liberties, but this one really kicks me a little too far up my ass.

If you're offended by the multiple curse words, you know I don't give a shit right? OK, good.

Have a happy train ride.

Black Daria

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Videos on an Early Saturday morning, and Riding the #1 train...

It's Friday. Time to think about all the things that happened this week. So many things, the perfectionist in me couldn't keep up. Although the ball fumbled a bit, I managed to pick it back up.

OK, enough bullshit analogies.

I haven't done Friday Night Videos because frankly, I hadn't been inspired by much. But before we get into all that, I'd like to enter a new series into the mix, entitled, "On the Number 1 Train."

This train is a shitty one. THE WHOLE WORLD rides this train...seems there must be 4 million people that live between South Ferry and 242 St. - Van Cortlandt Park...and about 2 million going to work in between these stops. Some of them are floaters from the east. Getting off at 42nd Street means all of that...and tourists.

But there were two signifigant conversations that happened with two fathers and their daughters that happened right next to me.

On Thursday, there was a little girl whose father was reading to was a Dr. Seuss book. She was about 5 and pretty good at it, but after I pulled out my iPhone, she got a little distracted. The purple gloves and purple iPhone case are also a big hit with little girls.

Her dad was patient...I was impressed. He helped her with colors, stopped and asked her what types of animals were in the wasn't just about reading the words to her. And she was super smart. I felt proud he was a black dad doing this at 8:53 AM.

Then she started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in the cutest kid voice, followed by "Old McDonald." While I was sitting there playing BeJeweled 2 trying to not think about all I had to do, she was singing without a care in the world. A friendly reminder about why I love kids so much.

At 96th Street, she got off the train. I don't know why, but she waved and said "Byeee!" to me, so I said it right back. It was a nice start to the day, and I was OK with the 1 train.

Unfortunately, the story above that probably makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit is normally not my experience. Today the dad I saw was bashing the little girl's mom...she was about 8. He proceeded to tell her about her mom's drug problems, and how she will never stop because she loves to smoke. It was loud enough for all to hear...and I couldn't believe it...keeping it real parenting? Did I miss something in a Parenting magazine?

A completely different conversation between a father and daughter...pretty wierd but gave me a lot to ponder.

Overall, the 1 Train sucks...I am sure there are more stories to come, because that train is really too much sometimes.

Onto the videos:

Alanis Morisette - "Ironic"

I love this song and album and anyone who knew me in HS knows this...and I mean knows me...

Alanis Morissette - "Perfect"

She never made a video for this one, so sorry for the corny ass screensaver show, but this song is dope as hell...someone needs to make it over...hmmm.

Black Daria

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BLOG TALK RADIO: BLACK DARIA FILES, Episode 3: Obsessive Relationships

Via my facebook post:

You know, all this Chris Brown/Rihanna talk got me to start thinking about relationships, and what can make them know, how they get to the point of no return...

The theories that have been thrown out over the last few weeks about the debacle were fitted for a circus with rings that should probably go for about the length of a football field. But if some of those accounts were true, could Rihanna be suffering from Obsession Disorder?

Let's be clear, Chris Brown's got issues of his own...but I think the topic of Obsessive Relationships is worth a look...some talking points to ponder:

There are four stages of obsession, and once the first stage is reached, the others are imminent. More to come on this...

How we dated as teenagers and what we saw of relationships growing up can dictate the ones we have in our own lives.

There's a need to restore self-worth in people in order to achieve healthier relationships.

What are the stages? When love became about relationships for you, do you remember what that meant to you? What's missing when one becomes obsessed with someone else?

Tomorrow at 11, we will get into the nature of Obsessive Relationships and the danger one faces. Sources are coming and a post will hopefully appear on my blog, god willing, before the show airs :)

SPECIAL CO-HOST is Relationship Expert and #1 Grinder TIONNA SMALLS, OF TALK DAT ISH RADIO…she’s not afraid to speak her mind, so I hope you guys are ready…
In the meantime:

The Black Daria Files, Episode 3 - Obsessive Relationships
11:00 - 12:30 AM (EST)

How to Listen:

Call in:

Go to link to listen (can sign up on the site as a listener, too...
here ya go.

Past episode "Facebook Do's and Don'ts" featuring Dionne Figgins can be heard and downloaded
here (will be gone in 24 hrs, so hurry up):

Black Daria is on the air...and she's got something to say ;/

Black Daria

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wacky Tuesdays/Wednesdays...Ray J releases another, Gossip Girl is back while the City says goodbye, etc...

So, of course there's gossip, but here were some of the highlights since my last post. Let's see:

On TV...

Ray J released Cashmere from his lair on his show. I know you care. Unfortunately, I won't care enough to post any links unless Ray J asks me out on a date...sorry, but the Kim K. tape put him on my list...I know you didn't want to know that, but now you know.

Gossip Girl is back on and POPPIN...letter to Chuck Bass coming soon...he was looking hot, but needed a better comb job...still sexy I've waited a good amount of time since the last letter.

Top Model auditions may be a
sign of the times...think about it, wouldn't you be fighting for free food, rent, pictures and tips from Tyra and Co. for the FREE. Right. Now. (yes, I wrote "For the Free"...thinking about the Baltimore slang I picked up in college...)

And last, but not least, this guy has to be the FUNNIEST. I mean, total nutness at it's finest:

I couldn't have said it better myself, except I don't eat dry grits...I am just not into grits at all. I know the beef is old, but man, Keri Hilson? I mean, dude has Solange's CD, and I like her even though people talk smack about her being the "McDonalds of Beyonce"...sorry, it was a Twitter to Facebook joke between me and my FB buds...Solange, you are a friend in my head.
No, seriously. Think I picked this up from RWS last week, too tired to look back, but pretty sure...

As I remove my lips from Sol-Angel's ass (insert sarcasm here), we are talking relationships on the Black Daria Files this Thursday, March 19. Not sure what the subject is going to be, but based on the comments I've gotten on FB just by asking what, I think we will have enough to discuss...catch up on last week's show here, where my co-host, Dionne Figgins and I talked about the do's and don'ts of Facebook...wonder how MissMBAP is doing...

Black Daria ;/

Today's sponsor is the good old New York Daily News...I use the post to soak up dog piss in front of my bulding in the morning so I don't have to step on it ;/

P.S. I actually like Solange more than her sister. Guess that's Black Daria's first Dirty Little Secret for '09.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dirty Little Secret #1: Facebook...when to add...and when to ignore...

I guess I am just not the daily girl, but honestly, I get writer’s block. Black Daria knows her flaws…so as she fixes them…

One of my readers got the memo late regarding my requests for dirty secrets, but who am I to say when I should get these types of e-mails when shucks, it was the only email I got besides “Welcome to Twitter” and what not.

Dear Black Daria,

When I was in high school, I met who I thought was the man of my dreams. Since you love Miguel Perdomo so much, we will call him Miguel.

So Miguel and I were dating, and he had this friend…let’s call her…Michelle. He always said that he and Michelle were “very good friends,” and Michelle, in the few times I met her, began to also claim that it “wasn’t like that,” and “they are just really good friends,” but I wasn’t buying it…nope.

So one night, I called him and couldn’t seem to get him on the phone. I thought he’d be home…he didn’t mention any plans. So the young baby stalker in me went over to his house, and at 1 AM, a car pulled up, and he and Michelle were dressed in formal attire…obviously, you know what happened next…

I flipped out…I basically wilded out…and I ended up in a psych ward. Years later, I still think about this man. I’ve moved on in my life…MBA, baby (father and I are no longer together) and have a great job and live in a wonderful condo outside the city.

Well, since the facebook craze began, and through the encouragement of a friend, I joined the world where I’d get to reconnect with people I haven’t seen since I was young…including Miguel.

He was the first search I performed, before even checking my yahoo contacts. And then, to my shock, Michelle, the “very good friend,” actually FRIENDS ME on Facebook. My first feeling was violation…after all that I’d been through, and since we were never friends before or after my relationship with Miguel, why would she be requesting me?

Should I accept her as a friend? Will she know if I ignore her?

Dear MissMBAP,

Hmmm..sounds like there’s a few problems here that you may want to consider seeking a therapist to sort out. How could you possibly be thinking about a man who put you into such a low, that mentally, you weren’t stable. I honestly don’t know what is worse, and I don’t know why you are still so wrapped up in this man, but it makes me quite nervous.

Furthermore, there’s the issue that he’s now so deep in your life, a connection as close to him as his Michelle has caused you to go back to the lawn where you confronted these two, where you ended up wilding and doing anything else to make yourself feel “better.”

Please get over him. He’s not only over you, but there’s so much more life has to offer than a distant high school memory that can never revisit. I broke up with my high school sweetheart Tom after we reconnected after not seeing each other for several years.

After we broke up on our second go-around, I realized that I will never have the same feelings for him that I thought I did in front of Mr. Ealey’s math class on the 4th floor. And now, looking back, that stare he gave me then that I thought meant he was into me, was the exact stare that I realized that dude was nuts, so he had to leave.

Do yourself a favor. Get a therapist, and sort that out. Oh, and delete that bitch.

Black Daria :/

P.S. I read this article the other day via Twitter that gave me some great tips on how to make sure your Facebook experience is a pleasant one…I think you should read it, and oh, don’t forget to delete that bitch, please.

Monday, March 2, 2009

King Magazine 50th issue party and other stuff...

I know, I am the worst, but I hope this post makes up for past missing posts. And if it doesn't, you know I don't really care, because my name is Black Daria.


I met my new know, when someone doesn't answer your passionate love letters (ahem, Chuck Bass), you have to add to your collection of available suitors...I didn't ask him if he has a girlfriend yet, but I guarantee he's mine (and your) new crush:

His name is Miguel Perdomo (on my right, wearing did he know that was my color?). Black Daria Perdomo. Sorry. Anyway, he was one of the models in BET's Rip the Runway, a labor of love hosted by Derek Luke (not really sure why except a VERY good agent/rep) and Joy Bryant (huge come-up for BET). And no, I didn't get an invite again (why are people taking my name so literally...) When I find some pictures, I will talk about the good, maybe the bad...we shall see.


Damn...first of all, my fellow colleague/publicist and such, Ra-fael Blanco, of 2R's Entertainment, represents Dawn Richard in addition to my new, small world. She was so sweet, it made me feel bad about talking shit about them back in January, but really that was kinda false was D-Woods who was stank and looked a hot mess...the rest of the girls were nice the first time I met them outside a Kelis event. I saw D Woods alone at a King Magazine event (ironically), but hey, maybe all the shit that popped off at the end of Season 3 was part of her stinkness. The other part of me says she's a chicken, but I will have to wait until I meet her again to see if she's nice. I probably won't be looking for her though, or anything.

Anyways, Dawn was sweet enough (Black Daria said sweet, so she must have been nice) to stop and take this picture and tell me she'd read my blog, even though she was running to serenade the 50th issue of King Magazine...I guess since it was their party, it's OK if she had to leave to tend to the crowd.

Other flicks from that night...

My Gay Boyfriend, Devon Christopher of Bleu Magazine & Atomic Wings of Harlem...I see ads in my future...right here on this blog.

Liris Crosse...the best thing that happened to men's lockers, phone wallpapers and anywhere else they want to see Liris. She recently was a guest on Talk Dat Ish radio with Host Tionna Smalls, where we had an interesting debate on black people's favorite topic: skin color.

Ran into a fellow blogger/friend, Ms. Cocoa Luv Chronicles herself.

Mr. Datwon Thomas...always a great host.

Needless to say, I had a great time...then stumbled upon a surprise when I ended up at Drom later:

Yep...a LaGuardian! (We really are everywhere!) So good to see a familiar he needs to return my call so we can do some business. He was singing backup for Tess...they sound awesome, so I know we will be hearing more from them soon. Oh, and the LaGuardian is Don's a name I know you will be seeing alot ;)
In the Drom crowd that night were people like...
D Prosper...Fiddy people know about need to explain.

I talked to Rahman Ali Bugg (on his birthday...ruthless) about Hip Hop Honors...he's the founder of the show. I've waited a long time to meet the man who started this whole thing, and I must say, I was pretty much left speechless. And most people know that doesn't happen to me. I guess I heard what I needed to hear. But I am still going to e-mail him about some of his choices on females to be honored for future shows.

And finally, in an effort to give you a glimpse of Busta at his best, here's a clip from that night, thanks to my wonderful Camera, the Nikon S60 here. I just would like to state that I love Busta :)

That's all for now...Black Daria, signing off.
~BD :/