Monday, August 29, 2011

@ the VMAs...the performances I cared about...

Just got done watching the performances of the VMAs...the ones that I cared about anyway. Here are my thoughts:

Beyonce's Love is 'Tops'

I don't know...I won't believe she's preggers until I literally see the first pics that she sells to People Magazine for some astronomical number that should put the kid through college. Normally, I have beef with Beyonce, but now that she's preggers, I guess I am not allowed to say anything bad about her, but for someone in their first trimester, she's certainly comfortable in her heels...still wondering how she got away with performing in NYC at Roseland with no leak of this news. I also appreciate that she's not wearing a leotard...

Jay-Z/Kanye West 'Otis' Performance - Snooze Button...until the 1:57 mark

I already talked about how I felt about this song...and was still equally underwhelmed by this performance until the random guy came to steal the show...I love how the security guard got all up in the middle of the performance...I think this was planned, but hey...whatever makes the show work, right?

Chris Brown's Still on my Top 3 lists of "Great Entertainers"..., not all time. Only Michael Jackson can claim that, and he's dead (RIP MJ)...dare I say that it will be a long time before we see that type of talent in our lifetime...but I thought this was creative...the fact that he did a snippet of Teen Spirit made me...never mind...let's just say I REALLY like that song...

Lil Wayne's Autotune Moment thanks. Hate that I have to see his blue Polo drawers in this...and I hate the Ronald McDonald shoes...who styled him? I'd fire them...this outfit blows, and was actually distracting...I also didn't really dig the live version of "John"...sometimes that works, in this case...just didn't do it for me. The production of that track is cray (that's the new way to say crazy)

I sifted through the other videos, but I just said no thanks. Still trying to figure out what the deal with Lady Gaga's outfit was...was she channeling MJ and Amy Winehouse at the same time?

Seems like the show wasn't heavily driven towards the performances...for some reason, I expected to see more of the video winners perform...seemed kinda strange, but I didn't watch the show from start to finish, so maybe there was a rhyme and reason to it. I did love the stage, and I always love how the producers find a way to incorporate the fans. You also gotta love the influence Twitter has, with the implanted #VMA hashtag...

So yeah, what did you think?


Black Daria ;/

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Kanye and Jay-Z: You Know This Song Sucks, Right?

Photo Credit: Internet

Dear Kanye and Jay-Z:

I happen to like you both as artists. I wasn't always a Kanye fan, but I really liked the last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, because it reminded me of the days when artists took time to make an album. I can appreciate when I don't have to hit the ">>;" button on my iPad.

This latest effort, however, just screams ego to me. I know I am not saying anything that no one else hasn't said, but since I am known for 'conscious gossip' I have no choice but to say...something.

Let's talk about sampling one of Otis Redding's the peak of his prime, no one could really say anything bad about Otis Redding. A true R&B legend, any sample from him could turn a song solid gold.

My thing is, I could have pressed a button on a machine and did that...too bad I didn't study engineering...oh well.

But seriously...the sample sucks to me on this's uninspired, and it could have been better.
I also don't know what the hell you are talking about...either one of seriously, I am an average person...and I am tired about hearing about how much freaking money you have. If you aren't going to send me a check, then just shet-ep.

Like seriously...what's the significance of mentioning that there are private jet overhead? Every time I hear that line, I just laugh...

Then I watched the video at my homegirl's house...what exactly is the point of driving around a desolate area in a Maybach? And with girls? Again, what does this have to do with Otis Redding?

I think that's my biggest problem with the feature Otis, but you're blaring an image of an American flag (slightly adjusted), and a chopped up Maybach...again, I don't get the significance.

Feel free to email me and explain. I am sure you don't care, because you are both millionaires, but I am open for the discussion. I refuse to be a groupie...people are really sweating this track, but I am not disillusioned. Sorry.

It sucks. Period. Now please don't add me to any black or Illuminati lists.

Black Daria