Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Daria's Year in Pictures - 2009

I thought about where I should start...or at least, how to begin this process of writing and telling you how I feel about the world around me. I think the answers are letters.

First, thanks to those who called, texted and emailed me to ask me when I was going to blog again. It's not that I needed to feel missed or anything, I did (like we all do) need to know I was on to something here on this little blog.

So, I decided that I love to write letters, so I am just going to start writing letters and emails to celebrities, potential dates, and whomever else I wish to talk to...since this other blog I used to read a few years ago looks as though it's really never coming back, I guess I will give it a shot, eh? I'm personally bored with the "picture and insult" blogs that swear they are on to the edge of professional journalism. The blogs I support keep it edgy and they simply put, just have a authentic voice I appreciate.

So, without further ado, before I begin my letter/e-mail writing campaign, I'd like to show you some pics I took with some folks that I never got to post, but always intended to...Black Daria's scrapbook for 2009:

Black Daria 2009
Teyana Taylor. The other day, my fellow blogger dude @UrbanREUP asked "No disrespect, but who exactly is she?" Simply put, she's Harlem's Princess. Acheived her beginnings on a little show called My Super Sweet 16, got signed by this Producer named Pharrell Williams, then signed a deal with this company called Interscope Records. ..

And blah blah blah...oh, I also threw a little party for her that wasn't documented on television. A fundraiser for a charity she promotes, supporting a local after-school center she attended growing up.

She's also a beautiful girl, so please do me a favor bloggers: lets not demoralize her. She's not who you think she is, and I know this first hand from spending time with her family.

So yeah, I'll probably be biased about Teyana. Sue me. Oh well, as Miss Jones says.

Black Daria 2009
Necole Bitchie, Mario, and Spongebob as Yogabob. Russell Simmons loved this plush at Sundance in 2009. I gave it to Necole as a gift for her birthday held at Taj back in the Fall 2009. A fellow reader sent me a text days later saying she'd just tweeted about "playing with Spongebob" or something like that. Well, I hope she had fun, whatever she was doing.

Black Daria 2009
Publicist Mecca Moore...she threw the event for Necole. Great person, and so busy, I've only spoken to her via Twitter since we took this picture...maybe that will change in 2010 :)

Black Daria 2009
Keke Palmer. Never met such a true 16 year-old. Fun, bubbly and sweet. Signing autographs after a Fashion Show for her new line at Wal-Mart, Mad Style - also the name of the fashion company on her show on Nickelodeon, True Jackson, VP. Wishing the best for her success.

Black Daria 2009
Spongebob. He turned 10 last July, and we had a big party for him. As you can see, he loves to be kissed.

Black Daria 2009
Photographer Terrance Jennings. He's always out and about...if I don't see Johnny Nunez, I see Terrance.

Black Daria 2009
Celebrity Blogger Micah Jesse. He was JUST on Good Day New York this morning...great personality...I told him I was a "friendly" blogger, and when I have time, I come out and meet the people. Was happy to finally meet him.

Black Daria 2009
DJ and Photographer D-Nice. When we took this picture I had to inform him that I was treated like a stepchild when I tried to attend his birthday party at Taj. He said it wasn't his fault, and I knew that...I mean it was his birthday. I just felt that since I'd supported Jessica Rosenblum's events in the dead of winter when only 7 people showed up, that I shouldn't have deal with the shenanigans at the door.

DJ Lance
DJ Lance. So, why not? All the other kids were getting their pictures taken, so I figured I'd take my opportunity. Plus, without the gear he looks like a Raphael Saadiq type. He could be my boyfriend. Yeah, I said it. I was asked by the events director to stop the fury of people trying to get pictures with DJ Lance because "I know how to tell people 'No' in a nice way." Can someone tell him to call me? Laugh now, but that orange suit pays bills folks. Black Daria is totally game.

Well, let's see how 2010 fares out for my photo adventures. Until then, let's pray for Haiti and the hope that finally the world will pay attention to people that need us most.


Black Daria ;/