Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Vi-...Songs: I Invented Sex, I Create Blogger Drama, etc...

I don't think there's a video for this song yet (at least I didn't find one). It's probably because of the content of the way you could pull this off without it being soft porn.

Instead, you just get to look at Trey Songz looking really...never mind, there's that whole mess going on with Necole Bitchie and Sandra here for the
initial blast-off leading up to this one, followed by this one. It was quite the tennis match.

I do, however, have a question. Has TMZ ever gone after D-Listed or Pink Is The New Blog? Does Just Jared ever go after Perez Hilton? Oops, wait. There was this unfortunate mishap with the
ever-popular pimple post back in 2008. However, I doubt Perez cares.

Guess why? Because he's getting a check regardless.

Let's face the facts here. Black Bloggers are not just a few, there are many great black bloggers out there. I've had run-ins with one particular blogger (whom to this day I still think is extremely stank, particularly with customer service) but I doubt I'd ever talk about her. If anything, we all should be working together to create some sort of digital blogging firm or something.

But I digress from my point, which is Trey Songz. My message is pretty clear. Get it together ladies, the muslinging is high school, the exchanges are juvenile, and there are far too many checks to get. Unless this was a huge publicity stunt, although I highly doubt that...

That's all. And now onto the musical break:

I just love this song. Yes, it's nasty, but I love it.

Black Daria ;/

PS...Please believe that I believe in defending oneself, but silence does far more damage. As writers, at times we are forced to think before we write, not because we want to, but because it's part of the process.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In case you missed Jay @ Game 2 of the Yankees vs. Philles

And they won and stuff, score was 3-1. But just a few notes:

1. Alicia sounds something is just not right.
2. Crowd reaction, can I get that? Not in the budget I guess. And it's quite a large affair.
3. I want Alicia's Jacket. She can keep those boots.
4. What did Jay-Z say to Alicia at the end? Anyone know? Happens @ the 3:40 mark.

Black Daria ;/

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Song that's stuck in my head...

For some reason, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for the past hour, so I guess, I'll share so you too, can enjoy my a good way. I still love this song and this video is genius to me. And it didn't even require principal starlet whores. Nice.


Oh shit, wait...

Oh, silly disabled videos. For kicks, a picture is below to intrigue you, followed by the link to the you are saying right now "Oooo, wonder what song she picked..."

Clink on the wink, trust me, it's worth it ;)

The lyrics to me are dope. IMO, of course.
Black Daria ;/

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris Brown & Angie Martinez: Chrissy's First Radio Interview know.

Chris Brown sat down with Angie Martinez on Wednesday afternoon to I need to say what?

So here you go, parts 1-5 (yes, there are 5 parts):






Haven't listened to them yet, but let me know your thoughts...this will serve as my bedtime listening, I suppose.

Black Daria ;/

Tionne talks about "Setting it Off" in Arista Records

Wow, on some "Set It Off" shit, word (starts at the 2:53 mark):

I have a new found respect for Left Eye...I always knew I loved her for a reason, and yep, this is it.

Tionne...$78K on children's clothes? I think that's about the cost of some kid's know, like the one you mention folks should get...I mean Mazel Tov, seriously, but $78K? Can you please adopt me?

Black Daria ;/

P.S. Peep how they "interrupted" who's meeting? LOL, sorry but that's really funny, Diddy has to be laughing somewhere.


Dear Tionna: a letter written from a friend to a friend

Dear Tionna,

We didn't get to finish our conversation about this whole Ciara thing today...

Frankly, she should probably hire you as her publicist. We know first and foremost you're a relationship expert, amongst other things, but the ladder of success is quite tall.

As you know Black Daria's true government name* you know what I do when I'm not blogging, being what you call "the voice of reason" amongst other hats I wear.

Here's what I didn't get to say to you before you had to go, but I thought this would be a good time to respond to the obvious tomfoolery that occurred that night with CiCi-boo.

1. I'm from Brooklyn too...certainly not "in the streets" but had some moments in the streets when my mom thought I was in Ballet class (sorry Mom). But those days are long gone. There's a time and a place for everything, and in your heart, you know who you are...people aren't even checking for CiCi, as I mentioned a few months back. She has always been a wannabe Britney to me, and that bitch is the truth, mental breakdowns and all. Never Ever was her response to Britney's Circus? Hands down, bitch loses. Not that CiCi's a bitch, and I say that with love (Ari Gold lovers will appreciate when I say that). I notice since that post I wrote back in April that response tag has been removed, and also peeped that she's straight up wearing Beyonce "Crazy In Love" outfit, amongst other tacky don'ts. A true stylist can make H&M look like a million bucks, ask June Ambrose or Shelly Castro. I could go on, but that would digress from my point. Bottom line, insecurity is a bitch, hence her little "moment" in the green room.

2. While I understood your fustration, I'd like to stress the following again: FUCK HER, DO YOU. I don't think I said it like that last time, so let me explain. Even though we know (we meaning those whom have listened to your radio shows, or are from NYC in general and Gawker) who you are, Las Vegas does not; not everything a person says warrants a response. Trust me, I learned that the hard way a few years ago. If you don't believe me, you can google my days as Buckeey's rep. I'll end that one there.

3. What I've learned (and still learning) as I climb up the ladder is, no matter how anyone treats me, it will NOT ever validate who I am, nor should it ever take me to a place where I am taken outside of myself. The email you wrote may have better suit a personal diary entry, but trust me, everyone knows that no one is checking for CiCi-boo. Sorry, but those are currently the facts. If she wants to go ahead and prove me wrong, I'd kinda appreciate it, because I'm pretty bored with today's current playlists on the radio, as far as female singers. In Ciara's case, she always has, and will be a vocal stylist.

4. Never argue with a vocal stylist. SINGERS will always treat you with respect. Vocal stylists are often insecure, so they do one of two things: either surround people around them who worship them (the 'yes' men) or they put down others around them whom THEY believe they have an advantage over. With that said, even if she thought you were Chilli's publicist, secretary or shoe shiner, your role in anything concerning your work should not ever be determined by someone else, no matter what they say, especially when they aren't cutting you a fucking check. This is especially the case when the likelihood that they will ever cut you a check is Nil. How many times have I been mistaken for another minority at my company, all because you know, we "look alike?" I'd hardly survive in Corporate America, let alone life, if I fought EVERYONE that did me wrong.

5. One of the most important things my mother taught me is to never worry about others and what they say, because I was HER CHILD. Sounds really silly, but that meant alot to me as a child and still does today. I was a reflection of her, and whatever I did would be retroactive to who she was; sounds like a huge weight to wear on one's shoulders, but I think it's the thing that allows me to build character and gain respect from my peers; those who really know who I am. Those are the people that matter to me, and from what I saw in the room on your birthday that night, the people in that room are who should matter to you: family and friends.

I end with this: always be yourself and remember where you're from, but know that not everything needs to be responded to, especially "catbags" such as Ciara (that's one of my favorite words you use).

And I say that with love.

Black Daria ;/

*This is the part where I tell you my real name, but really, that's no one's business...unless you want it to be, of course ;/ Google me, baby.

P.S. Let's stay focused on the plan, T ;)