Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Biggie...

13 years ago, I was sitting on my bed at school, in shock when I saw Kurt Loder (or was it Sway?), and your face with those numbers across the screen.

I'd just finished my first semester at school, and was into my second. I'd listened to 'Ready to Die' as a "top 10 way to get back to New York while being on a desolate campus where I was the only black girl on my floor..."

But not the only fan you had. But you already know that.

So much so, the following year, I was elected House President. And that year, the house theme song was "All About the Benjamins," and the part that was always the best was your verse.

I couldn't hit them in the head with "Warning," so forgive me, for this was the best I could do on a racially-challenged campus. Yeah, that sounds good.

Fast forward to about two years later, and I landed an Internship that pretty much changed my life. I witnessed life after your death, and the ripple effects that can occur when the Flagship of the brand is Deceased. Many brands don't even make it past such occurences. Aaliyah comes to mind when I think of brands that suffer from tragedy. I'm sure you two kick it often.
In the meantime, I thought I'd play this song today in your memory. It's befitting of the times we are living in, and a message all of us need to hear: sky is the limit...now, more than ever.

Biggie Smalls Sky's the Limit- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Black Daria ;/

Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Week on the Black Daria Files...

I talked about a few things of interest to you, because you care, such as:

Bey's Beauty Center...or something.

Courtesy of DimeWars

Mr. & Mrs. Jay-Z's visit to the White House and a Center Grows in Brooklyn...
Jay Z and Bey at the White House

Beyonce's Cosmetology Center

So Beyonce puts on her good samaritan hat yet again and opens a center in Brooklyn aimed at teaching men and women Cosmetology skills to become active members of society. I wonder if she will open nail and hair salons so these people have places to work. Or at least teach them how to "get a chair" at some of these places without getting laughed at because no one believes their official graduate certificate from the Beyonce Cosmetology Center. I guess that warrants a trip to see the President, who was able to make an impromptu visit with Bey. Don't be a Marilyn Monroe. That's all I'm saying.


So you wonder what Lil' Wayne did before he reported to Jail Monday morning? Since the courtroom caught fire causing smoke damage and other nonsense, his sentencing was delayed, so your hard tax dollars paid for Lil' Wayne to make nice with at least one of his misses before reporting for duty. It's been reported that Wayne has requested seclusion. Duh.

Lil Wayne Fan
Source: D-Listed


Seems Jermaine needs to focus on something else besides Reality Shows and a Concert Tour. Apparently it's OK to not only tape these kind of offenses, but then allow them to be leaked on the Internets. SMH.


Tawanna and Allen Iverson

Tawanna and Allen Iverson

Source: Fine Google skills

Attention Groupies and Starlet Whores. Seems Tawanna had enough of the shenanigans of the AI. That and the money pot is starting to dry up (who is he playing for again? Oh right, no one.) Either way, he's getting a divorce. Old news to some of you whom have already tried to reach out to him, knew to those whom didn't read it elsewhere yet.


And I hope her stank ass finds it. You should watch the trailer so you can decide for yourself, but Chilli has some deeper issues; some that I actually think affect many Black Women. I wonder if Tionna Smalls can save the day with some advice to Chilli...I think she appears hopeless, but this one will be worth a watch.

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