Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear LeBron James' mother: Why are you such a HUSSY?

Photo Credit: Boston Herald

Dear Lebron James' mother:

You know, they say you shouldn't talk about someone's momma, but you are an exception to the rule.

What is it about your ratchetness (yes, that's a made up word) that makes you think it's a good idea to get drunk, smack a valet, and ask him if he knows who you are?
Why would he know a common hooker/whore? I mean, was it not enough that you embarrassed your son by sleeping with a man your son's age...can you say creepy and disgusting?

All I know is if you were my mom, I'd disown you. Expeditiously. Your son is probably one of the highest paid athletes, and kudos for giving birth to him, but that's usually what happens when one gets pregnant. They usually end up having a baby.

Oh, and no, I don't know your name, and don't me, I am doing you a favor by not calling out your government.

Black Daria ;/