Monday, April 7, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Lloimincia Halls: Current Stop, LSU - Next Stop, Olympics 2016?

Hi People,

Pay NO attention to Lloimincia Halls name, or how you should actually spell it, because this is correct; I checked several times. Don't even worry about how to pronounce it, because I can probably guarantee that she will be a contender in the next Olympics in Rio in 2016.

I took Gymnastics back in the day despite growing up in the rough streets of Brooklyn. It was the 80s, so Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller...they were like everything to little girls back then.

Anyway, this video came across my Facebook timeline, and it put a smile on my face, which is literally impossible to do. The competition Lloimincia was in was back in January 2014 against Alabama.

She scored a Perfect 10...the music? Micheal Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire...*nods head* yep, that works for me.

Enjoy, or whatever.

Black Daria

source: YouTube via Total Sorority Moves

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